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Janet Craig
Into The Trees
Palm Frond Studios ~ Lakeland & Miami Florida
                     Mediums:  Original Art Painting, Palm Frond Art                   

Santa Dude Palm Frond Art: Not just for Christmas Anymore
Whopping five feet high , $120, IntoTheTrees.

Beautiful colors to fit most any decor range in price, some averaging around $55
and look like fish.  Janet calls these, "Painted Ladies."
See more offerings at IntoTheTrees

Each shape is different, and choice of color is amazing. This one $55, here.

Three Foot Long Fish, $65!
Fun Mermaid and More HERE.

Nature Inspired.

"I incorporate nature into my art. To relax, I hunt for my found palm fronds to recycle into my art, never knowing what I'll find. Each is unique in it's own way." ~Janet Craig, 2009

"Brilliantly Colored Palm Branch Art" ~ Article, Environmental Graffiti, 2010

   Janet Craig
                 Palm Frond Studio