Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet My Pets

                                                And so my first attempt too post... Ira Mency here goes !

                                                                Test Post

                                                                Meet my Pets

                                              This is Beans our big Goofy Lovable 125 pd Lab
                                              Beans loves 49 cent McDonalds hamburger day
                                       Beans is also the Mascot for my husbands band KTO
                                       Opening Band for Foghat and Blue Oyster concert

                                      And here is a pic of  my Priceless Princess Ginger......

                                       Complete with stickers and a little roll in the cow poo
                                       Ginger and Beans in my back yard here in Florida

                                         And my favorite of all Meanow The Rat Napper

                             I placed some peanut butter on the fake rat she licked it and i caught this great shot

                                          And so my so my first short Blog .. How did i do ?





  1. Love the pictures of your fur friends! Great blog!

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this looks great now you have the hang of it now you must enter the contest and blog about some shop! (and put a link to the team blog) and you'll be entered!

  3. I just signed on to be a follower!! I love the pictures of your furr kids - they are so cute!!!